TV Campaign

The wish...
Mevgal's corporate tvc
A traditional milk andenduring values in a new package, that’s what kick-started the new MEVGALcampaign.
In Greece even though thereis no tooth fairy, tradition has it that if you throw a tooth on a tiled roof amouse or a bird takes it and grants you a wish. Today, although it is hard tofind a tiled roof in the centre of a big city, some things will never change. Amother will always give the best to her child. That’s why she trusts a milkproduced by MEVGAL, a traditional Northern Greek company, a company built ongenerations of knowledge, experience and care.
Generation after generationhas grown up in the same way with these self-same values and traditions. Today,despite all the changes happening around them, Greek mothers continue to holdon to the true tradition of MEVGAL milk. The authentic flavour of the Greek country side.


Advertising Agency: Orange
Client Service Director: Eleni Soultou
Creative team: Maria Chrysostali, Nikos Perialis

Production Company: Parasol
Director: Dimitris Indares
Photography Director: Simos Saketzis
Art Director: Giannis Papadopoulos
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